Is Earth And Sea Beauty Australian, even the ingredients?
100% Australian. The people behind the product are Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food and Global Nature who own the Queensland desert source of the silica. Our kelp (iodine) is sourced from an Australian business based in Southern Tasmania.
Our blending and packing is done in Australia as well.
NB. Some other silica brands claim ‘Made in Australia’ yet they source the silica from overseas. Earth And Sea Beauty is Made By Australia.
What are the ingredients?
Silica - amorphous silica, freshwater type. A superfine (less than 10 microns) off-white powder.
Southern Tasmanian Bull Kelp - Durvillea Potatorum.

Are all ingredients active (is there any flavouring or filler)?
All ingredients are active. Each capsule only contains natural silica and kelp in a vegan capsule.

How much of each ingredient is in it?
Silica - 768mg. There is no recommended daily intake (RDI) measure for silica. It is a food so it is safe and the body does not store silica.
Iron - 1.6mg a day, it represents 20% of your RDI 
Iodine - 100 μg (micrograms) a day, 67% of your RDI

Is it a food, supplement or chemical?
Earth And Sea Beauty is all-food, meeting the stringent criteria of Food Standards Australia New Zealand. It’s a whole food and vegan.

Does it have any animal or dairy in it?
None. All ingredients are vegan whole foods. The capsules are vegan. Also gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free and sugar-free. 

How much should I take? When?
We recommend 2-3 capsules a day, preferably on an empty stomach but also effective with food or after food. As a food, you can take more if desired. Some people double their daily dose in the lead-up to a social event or when they particularly want their hair, skin and nails to shine.

What are the benefits?
Hair, skin and nail health from the silica, iron and iodine blend. 

Other benefits include fighting fatigue with the natural iron (hint: more iron is released if you consume Earth And Sea Beauty with a vitamin C drink or food).

Some capsules smell, do these?
No. There is no discernible aroma, taste or after-taste.

Is the silica natural or lab-made?
Our silica is 100% made by Australia - sourced from the pristine Queensland desert, far from pollutants and people. Many other silica brands source their silica from Europe or elsewhere (other than Australia).

What other minerals are in Earth And Sea?
It is a good, daily source of:
Amorphous, freshwater silica

Other essential, trace minerals include:
Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E
The kelp also contains fibre and protein.

Are there any contraindications?
Due to the iron content patients with hemochromatosis should avoid Earth And Sea Beauty.