Some ingredients in beauty transcend being a fad. It always comes down to their effectiveness, not the marketing. Silica has been famous in beauty circles for decades. It never goes out of fashion. It simply works for hair, skin and nails health.
Earth And Sea Beauty is remote Australian silica with iodine from southern Tasmanian kelp. Many top silica products are not Australian (in fact, most look like they are made in a lab somewhere). When you take Earth And Sea Beauty your body is drawing on the pristine power of remote Australian ingredients, from the earth and the sea.

Earth And Sea Beauty is an all-Australian beauty product from all-Australian businesses - Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes and Global Nature.

Lee Holmes is a 9x best-selling author of healthy eating recipe books including Eat Yourself Beautiful, award-winning blogger and nutritionist.

Global Nature sources unique, natural, organic minerals. They are the originators of the Australian natural silica mineral in Earth And Sea Beauty. Their focus is purely on the quality and fineness of the silica - the key ingredient in Earth And Sea Beauty.

Lee and the team from Global Nature worked for over 18 months on the recipe for Earth And Sea Beauty. Through trials and research the ideal mineral make-up was created using ingredients sourced from remote Australia.