Wild Beauty

Wild Beauty

When you think about it, there are really only two options for beauty and overall wellness - the lab or the wild. Often, laboratories manufacture new ‘miracle’ beautifying drugs from global companies using synthetic sources that try to mimic (at a much lower cost) the effect of natural ingredients. The wild creates simple ingredients that no lab on earth can only attempt to replicate. Why not just stick with nature – because let’s face it, she certainly knows what she’s doing!

 Of course, at Earth And Sea Beauty we’re biased towards wild beauty. It’s what we do, where we find our ingredients and where we find our inspiration. Living in Australia it’s a no brainer and just makes sense. We can access the best of nature from our remote island. And I’m sure you’ll agree, who wants to be stuck in a sterile lab when we can be out in the Australian elements?


Wild beauty

What conjures up in your mind’s eye when you see the words ‘wild beauty’? For us it’s the attractiveness of the unaffected, a natural look, an easy smile and lovely fresh and glowing skin. It’s hair, nail growth that you can almost see happening with your own eyes. Wild beauty is feeling free in nature – and is an intrinsic part of nature. It’s whipped hair, cascading down with the sunlight hitting it as you walk straight out of the sea, and it’s super strong nails you could actually lift a nail from wood with. Most definitely wild beauty only comes from natural ingredients.

We simply believe you are naturally beautiful. Use it, accent it, look after it and nurture it with natural ingredients.

 Another aspect of wild nature is as a source of negative ions (Earth And Sea Beauty’s silica is negatively charged, by nature of course). There’s much to say about the health and beauty benefits of negative ions and we always encourage people to research and experience them. Negative ions are the subatomic electrical generation of nature. Go into your imagination for a while to get an understanding of them. Waves crashing creates negative ions. The feeling of clean sheets dried by the sun and wind. The grounding of soil in your hands of under your bare feet. Those are all examples of negative ions. You look and feel better when you seek out and experience negative ions from nature.


Made By Australia

When developing Earth And Sea Beauty we started with silica. It’s just a must-have mineral for hair, skin and nail health. We’ve been taking silica capsules for years then started to question where it came from (and why it looked so scientific). To our head-shaking horror, we found most silica is sourced from overseas - even the ones that are ‘made in Australia’! Go figure. Well, we did go figure and set-out to find an Australian natural silica. Three years later we hit upon the source. Deep in the wilds of Queensland - pure silica, straight from the earth.

Earth And Sea Beauty is full of silica. Taking the recommended 2 capsules a day gives you 768mg of natural Australian desert silica. (Compare that to competitor silica doses - sourced from overseas).

Our silica also had another mineral element - natural iron. Iron is an unsung beauty ingredient. It’s famous for fighting fatigue and helping give you energy others can see in your eyes. For your skin, iron helps it attain its healthy glow - unnaturally pale skin and dark circles are hallmark signs of iron deficiency. Lack of iron can also be a reason for hair loss. Earth And Sea Beauty is a source of natural iron - about 20% of your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI).

The iodine in Earth And Sea Beauty is also a source of wild beauty. Iodine encourages detoxification, preventing chemicals from harming thyroid functionality. It’s your skin’s natural moisturiser and repairer - healing cuts, acne, spots. Iodine is also a deep cleaner - supporting the regeneration of the lower layers of your skin by triggering cellular function. Earth And Sea is a good source of iodine - two-thirds of your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI).



Outback and Underneath

Earth And Sea Beauty takes the idea of natural ingredients and personifies them. We find our silica and kelp (iodine) from, well, the earth and sea. The silica is sourced from deep in the Australian outback. The harshness of the environments means it’s pure and pristine and far from people and pollution.

The kelp we use comes from deep, deep beneath the treacherous Southern Ocean off Tasmania. Far from the maddening pesticides, metals and contaminants that can infect ingredients manufactured or farmed by man.


Lab coats

The only lab coats we like are the dog kind (we’re animal fans here!). Laboratories are great for many things but, we just think, beauty isn’t one of them. Ingredients with numbers, yuck. Stuff you put on your mouth that you can’t pronounce, um, nope. Harsh ingredients that make some people break-out. Chemicals for beauty - we can do much better. We’ll stick with nature thank you.


Get wild

Unleash your wild nature. Trust it to accentuate all your beauty. Say “you can keep your chemicals!”. Let Earth And Sea Beauty, made with remote Australian ingredients, be your skin, hair and nail’s best mate.

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Iodine from wild kelp for hair, skin and nails

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