Silica, the not so secret beauty mineral

Silica, the not so secret beauty mineral

It’s one of the most abundant elements on earth.

It’s famous and relied on upon beauty circles for decades.

It’s been leached from our soils, so there’s less in our food.

It’s usually sourced from overseas (when Australia has the purest source, welp)

It’s, it’s, it’s….


Simple silica.

Silica is essential for humans especially for our hair, skin and nail health and natural collagen synthesis and stabilisation. (Not to mention bone, connective tissue, muscle strength and joints). 

Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry Professor Butenant proved that life cannot exist without silica.

In beauty, ingredients go out of fashion, and sometimes, come back in. Silica is an evergreen ingredient for beauty experts but seems to have faded into the background in the wider population. Earth And Sea Beauty silica seeks to change all of that and redress the balance of this very important mineral. Earth And Sea is about advocating for natural, Australian silica and its many beauty benefits.

If your hair, skin and nails need some tender love and care, and let’s face it many of us need it these days, you can think of silica as your own personal stylist. There’s no doubt in beauty and research circles as to silica’s effectiveness and ability to do its job.

We asked a prominent horticulturist “If it’s so abundant don’t we just get silica from food?” And his response was, “Well, it is abundant, especially in the Australian desert but not in our agricultural lands. Intensive farming and Australia’s relatively spare soil richness has led to silica being used and not replaced in the same quantity. Over many years, it simply dwindles”. 


Silica made by Australia.

There are a number of silica beauty products in the market across the world, but many present as some sort of laboratory-made element. Silica is quite the opposite, it’s pure-nature, abundant and you can touch and see it (rose thorns are made by silica). 

Also, Australia has arguably the purest silica on planet Earth!

When looking at silica products check first where it is sourced from. The ‘leading’ brands source from overseas, where overseas, we’re not sure. Needless to say, Earth And Sea Beauty silica is 100% remote Australian-sourced. Straight from an underground desert location and into your body. 


More silica per day, per dollar.

Earth And Sea Beauty packs more silica, 768mg per day than other leading silica products, usually 130-200mg per day. Earth And Sea Beauty also compare very favourably on the value equation - the cost per dose of silica. Earth And Sea Beauty is also a wonderful source of dietary iodine and iron. 


Support All-Australian.

You’ll not only look better by buying Earth and Sea Beauty, you’ll feel better as well. It’s all-Australian - the silica, the kelp, the business, so you’re supporting local people.

Check out our article on iodine here - this underestimated mineral that Australia has super high-quality sources of.

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